Pat, The Conversational
Virtual Assistant

True patient centricity through the application of our unique empathic Co-PRO® technology.

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Patchai provides a platform that is driven by the virtual companion built on the Co-PRO® technology.

We align the individual needs with the clinical research requirements. Combining sound research with a human touch in one immersive patient-centric experience. Behavioral and clinical data converge to provide meaningful insights, increase clinical trial effectiveness, and reduce delays to make new therapies available faster.
It is our positive domino effect.

Boost patient engagement. Increase clinical trial subject retention. Collect valuable real world evidence. Together we can build the new frontier of medicine.

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We have developed the unique Co-PRO® technology, the Engagement Engine that provides empathic conversational experience, matching
patients’ personalities, compliance, preferences and needs.

Patchai to Improve Clinical Research

Our mobile app is designed to improve patients’ study experience and engagement thanks to our virtual assistant Pat. With our web portal companies and sponsors can collect real-time data and monitor patients' performance.
The flexible, secure and engaging solution for CROs and Pharmaceutical companies.



Improved workflow and data management
Improved patient
therapy adherence
Improved protocol compliance (eDiaries, ePROs, virtual visits)
Reduced study timelines/costs
Increased patient retention
Improved patient experience
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Patchai for a Better Patient Experience

Our virtual assistant Pat accompanies patients at every step of the care pathway in the intuitive and engaging mobile app.

The web portal is designed for Healthcare Professionals to collect and review Real World data in real-time and to offer a robust Clinical Information Support System.



Increased patient adherence
Improved patient therapy adherence
Increased Visit compliance
RWE generation
Improved patient monitoring
Improved Health self-management
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Reduce delays

85% of clinical trials experience delays, slowing down new therapies deployment to market.

Patchai reduces the trial timeline while leveraging behavioral and health data to boost patient engagement.

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Enhanced cost effectiveness

Each therapy R&D costs 2 billion dollars*. Each clinical trial journey lasts 15 years. Today's approach is not efficient.

We need new treatments available sooner. We need more engaging, smart and accessible routine care. We need a better digital approach to medicine.

That’s why we advance life sciences with next-generation solutions.
(*2018, First Analysis)

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Improve patient engagement

50% of patients do not take the therapy, because they lose motivation to participate. Patchai virtual companion motivates them with empathic and personalized interactions. Using Patchai platform, 95% of patients complete the protocol, compile electronic diaries and PROMs.

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Increase clinical trial patient retention

One in three patients withdraws from trials citing fatigue and dissatisfaction with the clinical trial process. This is scientifically unsound from the perspective of data and evidence and economically unsound on the basis of the cost of subject recruitment. Our Co-PRO® technology positively impacts patient satisfaction scores and subsequent enhanced engagement reduces the risk of costly dropouts.

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Mobile first experience

50% of trials still use paper forms for patient monitoring and collecting data. These outdated practices demotivate patients and affect the quality of evidence. The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated optimized remote patient monitoring. As such, digital patient support programs, eDiaries, virtual visits, data management have come to the fore: this is the future of medicine. With Patchai the future is now.

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Are you a CRO?

Conducting clinical trials is not an easy job. Doing it efficiently is even harder. We know the issues your team encounters every day. That’s why we focus on crucial aspects of the trial value chain, like data acquisition and processing, intervention and follow-up, patient engagement. Our innovative patient-centric software solutions will help you reach important milestones in the future of medicine.

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Are you a Pharmaceutical Company?

Every individual's health is unique. Observing, collecting and tracking all the subtle nuances in everyone's changing state of mind and body is the new frontier of medicine: personalized medicine is now a reality.

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