Facts & Snacks

In Patchai we are on a mission to constantly find new ways to engage with and learn from each other. We are also a flat organization and we do not benefit from nor believe in creating a hierarchical pyramid, where only our seniors can teach us something. As a matter of fact, each and every one of us has a diverse academic and/or professional background and passions, which we consider a “free gift” that can (and should) be offered to the rest of us! 

This is why we have created a new internal initiative called Facts & Snacks! Not a new term, as other companies have driven similar endeavours, but it fits nicely into our full-remote working environment and our informal, snack while you learn culture. F&S for short, are cross-functional, knowledge sharing opportunities that take place here in Patchai through online sessions, on a bi-weekly basis. 

Topics range from HR to Product to Tech to optimal internal communication practices, ways of working and much more. Whatever a Patcher sees as beneficial to others to present, they prepare, choose a date and enlighten the rest of us! So far we have rolled out 3 sessions and we haven’t skipped a beat; they are popular (75% participation rate), illuminating and they also help drive efficiencies in our day-by-day roles!

Working from home brings us many advantages, but here in Patchai we are a social bunch. We are also a clever bunch and we are insatiably hungry for knowledge. As such, F&S is bridging our social distance by not only spending more time together, but learning something new for the audience and sharing our knowledge as speakers! 

Contamination is the magic that triggers growth :) Safe in the knowledge that all our fellow Patchers have something to teach us, we have launched a super-effective mechanism to divulge and learn beyond the boundaries of our own roles. Keep up the great work Patchers!