The importance of ePRO in Clinical Trials

Electronic Clinical-Outcome Assessments (eCOA), and among them Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO), have drastically improved how clinical trials are conducted. Technology accelerates data collection, ensures higher data quality and allows better analyses. 

Commonly ePROs in Clinical Trials are used for retrieving information on a regular basis (daily, weekly…) from patients about symptoms, drug’s side effects or benefits, therapy schedules, and other clinical information. Other types of patient-reported outcomes can refer to the quality of life (a combination of social, emotional, physical well-being related to the treatment) and habits or behaviors (like information on exercise, activities, smoking, drinking, diets).

Clinical Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical Companies and sponsors are switching to ePROs to better understand study participants, know how they feel, and record Real-World evidence in real-time. As the healthcare industry is currently increasing its focus on patient-centricity, ePROs are an effective way to involve and engage patients during all the phases of the trial’s journey.

Over the years the FDA, as well, has been focusing on patient-reported outcomes: “Considering patients’ perspectives is critically important in medical device development and evaluation. The FDA is committed to including their voices in the evaluation of medical devices over the total product life cycle”. 

The advantages of ePRO in Clinical Trials

There are numerous advantages of using ePRO in Clinical Trials over paper-based forms or diaries. 

  • Always clear
    Outcomes from paper documents could be hard to read and highly dependent on calligraphy. On the other hand, Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes are always clear and legible.
  • Secure and reliable
    Study participants access using unique credentials, so researchers are always sure about the outcome’s origin.
  • Flexible and customizable
    Technology allows a personalized approach to healthcare and research, whilst keeping objectivity and a scientific method. 
  • Better patient experience
    Using ePROs
    patients demonstrated to be more engaged and compliant when doing electronic diaries than paper ones. Additionally, reminders and push notifications help them build a habit that fits in their daily routine. 
  • BYOD (Bring your own device)
    use the devices they are familiar with and they just need to enter some information, answers questions. There can be more advanced features like videos, photos, calendars and reminders.
  • Cost-saving
    After the up-front cost for programming and designing a platform, ePROs are cost-saving as they involve less workforce for processing and registering data. Thanks to ePROs, which can be more precise than paper forms, it is possible to reach statistical significance with fewer study participants, reducing the cost of patients’ enrollment. 

Patchai can help connect sponsors to their study participants thanks to our innovative, easy-to-use and engaging platform. We have improved ePROs and developed the exclusive Co-PRO® technology, the Conversational Patient-Reported Outcome for patient centricity in Clinical Trials. 

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