Patient engagement for decentralized clinical research and digital care

Farewell ePRO. Introducing the Co-PRO® approach.

PatchAi® is the clinically validated, intelligent platform for patient engagement and real-time data capture in decentralized clinical research and standard Care. We bring a data-driven and evidence-based personalised patient experience via our proprietary Co-PRO® technologies for capturing Conversational Patient Reported Outcomes.

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PatchAi - empathic conversation

Personalized, conversational and flexible.


Our intellgent virtual assistant uses evidence-driven conversational frameworks and flows to adapt personas matching patient compliance, preferences and needs. Incorporates dynamic UX/UI (via ML) to boost engagement based on behavioural data. Engagement algorithm predicts patient protocol compliance and drives prompt physician intervention.

Our Metrics

Why is patient engagement the key to reducing the cost and complexity of clinical research?

95 %

The average patient protocol compliance, with compiling electronic diaries, PROMs and visit completion.

98 %

The average patient retention achieved with our platform based on long-term follow up over a 12 month period.


The average patient satisfaction with the personalization of user experience and motivational ability of the virtual assistant. 

We provide flexible & reliable SaaS solutions to conduct your hybrid/decentralized trials and Patient Support Programs with the highest return on patient engagement.


A unified platform approach to addressing universal unmet needs of healthcare.

Using our Co-PRO® engagement engine as the central framework, we provide a suite of configurable modules to create customized, plug-and-play solutions fitting the study and patient needs with fast deployment times for pharma companies and CROs alike. This covers validated PROMs, electronic diaries, medication tracking, virtual visits, health information amongst others to select from a product suite for your personalized solution.

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Our Clients


Patient centricity, by design and practice.

PatchAi® simplifies the patient journey, empowering them to play an active role in the generation of Real World Evidence (RWE). By allowing the virtual assistant to take on the life of an assessment schedule or treatment plan, it liaises different platform modules to provide a unified, engaging experience for patients and reducing fatigue and everyday burden.


Remote monitoring to unlock study insights for clinicians, researchers and sponsors.

The PatchAi® Web portal helps keep track of patients, sites and the overall study and offers an immersive experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

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Complete a wide variety of assessments for ClinROs (Clinicians Reported Outcomes) and PerfOs (Performance Outcomes).

Enagement score


Real-time, predictive monitoring of patient protocol compliance for timely intervention.

eCRF integration


Flawless system integrations to streamline data access and transfer.


An opportunity to create the ideal patient journey for your hybrid/decentralized study needs.


Regardless of the investigational medical product, indication and therapeutic area, our scalable platform offers the ability to create the ideal patient journey for our study design:

  • Clinically validated platform

  • Best regulatory practices

  • Geography agnostic (22+ languages)

  • Seamless configurability and integrations

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