I'm a patcher

Why do you work where you work?

You may have seen us talk in previous posts about “us Patchers”. And you may define a Patcher as an Employee of PatchAi, and you’d be correct. But rest assured, it is more than that: Patchers are on a mission to advance life science with intelligent and human-centered digital solutions. 

It is positively energizing to hear Patchers tell me why they dedicate their days to applying their experience and skills to this company: “Because I am contributing to improving people’s lives” and “Thanks to our advancements we can revolutionize the world of digital healthcare”. This is The Magic.

And Patchers really do work hard and put their all into their roles here. The feeling is mutual, so PatchAi is on another mission. A mission to build a fine company culture, strong values that we all believe in; a full-remote working environment based on trust, social coffees, training opportunities, Town Halls, open communication, knowledge sharing and last but not least, Well-being.

Of course, it’s not all smiles, peaches and roses, but what company is? Being part of a scale-up, fast-growing company is exciting, tough, passionate and sometimes even rocky, but these are all elements that are essential for people to feel alive and stretched in their roles, learn fast and grow even faster! 

Patchers are our Architects, building the bricks on a foundation that is already solid, but with heaps of space ahead of them to advance. Exciting times indeed and I feel it every day.

To our New-grad Patchers, to our Mum & Dad Patchers, to our Female (49%) and Male (51%) Patchers, to our 10 different nationalities and to all of us who have a healthy dose of Peculiarity :) We look forward to progressing together, towards a truly human-centric company.